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EDUCATION | Saturday,July 3rd 2021

Center for Socio professional and Economic Reintegration (CRSPE) for vulnerable women in Kamituga in partnership with UN Women

As part of the project Promotion and protection of women's rights and support for their socio-economic recovery in Mwenga territory funded by UN Women, PIFEVA set up the CRSPE Kamituga equipped with the materials and technical equipment necessary for training (apprenticeship ) sewing, hairdressing and breadmaking trades in Kamituga.

CRSPE Activities

1) Organize training in two biannual vocational training programs (in sewing, hairdressing and breadmaking) in the CRSPE in Kamituga;

2) Provide professional and economic reintegration kits to beneficiary women and girls who will stand out at the end of this training in Kamituga;

3) Organize post-apprenticeship monitoring of trades to facilitate and consolidate the social, professional and economic reintegration (creation and monitoring of IGAs) of beneficiary women and girls in Mwenga territory;